Sunday, February 10, 2013

SSND- Update!

 Well ,the Narva Scenario went in for a full layout ( its a DASL scen), and the Kuban Bridgehead scenario is layed out and ready for proofing and initial play thrus. Several PTs are underway both via FTf, VASL and PBEM, on all of the scenarios to date ready for PT ( 1,2,3 and 7).

I expect to be done tomorrow night with the initial proofing of the Kuban scenario (#4); and to have corrections submitted for incorporating.

We've got the Kurland ATG Turkey Shoot scenario coming up;  the Oder river Line scenario after that on an HASL map; and the gotterdamrung scenario in Berlin suburbs using some of those niver overlays from ITR by BFP as well as a BFP board again.

 All 3 will be ready for PT by tax Day 4-15, I promise!! :).

I must say the design process has been a real commitment, but I am justifiably happy with the products after everyone's generosity and assistance so far!

Keep Rollin' Low!

 jon H

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