Friday, July 27, 2012

One of our new readers who stumbled across an older copy of Point Blank! asked if there are any weblinks for where to find the other available issues. As I find this a very well intended question, I thought I would begin with links to each of the still available "back issues".

That is every issue still in electronic existence in my possession. Unfortunately after the house fire I lost the CPU as well as everything else, and all the pre - 2010 issues were on there.
I heartily recommend anyone interested in the initial offerings of Point Blank! ( from 1999 to 2001) consider using the CSW or GS forums to ask for an e copy to be made available from someone who may still have one. This is probably the best bet to secure a copy of the early issues.

An update as many are interested in the "Nederlanders Marsche" scenario pack under development here. We are currently well into initial playtesting of the first 4 scens, with the next four in markup stages after the final historical research comments were received. I would like to thank everyone assisting on this project, and most specifically: Paul Weir, Kevin Kenneally, Herr v Marwitz, Andrew Kerekes, Steve Bowen, Dennis Donovan, Eoin Corrigan, ( for historical research and proofreading) and the playtesters working on this as well. I believe the first installment "Tooth and Nail" will be ready for the July - August issue, which will also appear here when ready.

Til Later, and we're still "under construction"
Keep Rollin Low
Jon H

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

While considering new "homes" for the upload of the Club Newsletter 'Point Blank!'  and their various problems of either incorporating many extraneous advertising frames around the product, such as at the Scribd site, or the uploaded file limits of the GameSquad location servers,  or the requirements for 'joining' the Yahoo Groups to access their download files sections; I have decided that imbedded file within the blogspot should be the optimal method for distribution ( I hope). If not, then this endeavour may just reform itself into a blog forum in order to allow for better overall reader access.

The Point Blank! Is the newsletter for the SVASL and NorCal ASL Clubs. It is provided free of charge to anyone brave enough to read its contents, and represents my efforts of "giving back to ASL what ASL has given me".

With that said, consider this site under construction still as of the time of this posting.

Keep Rollin' Low!

Jon H