Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back after a hiatus due to my arm injury, and happy to be writing again!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SSND Update!!

With all 9 scens layed out in Playtest formats, we are moving forward into getting the playtesting done and changes / revisions made.

We've got 3 in the bag and ready now, 6 more in playtesting. I have begun collating my notes for the Designers Notes section that will go with the pack, and writing the scenario blurbs that will accompany it as well.  The volunteer proofreading crowd will be getting a lion's share of work soon on both of these by the end of June.

It does appear we are still on track for our initial deadlines by Thanksgiving for everything to go into development. With this, the project will be getting pipelined; and a huge debt of gratitude to the many volunteers helping out on this will be due.

As always, we can use more playtesting, so if you are feeling generous enough to assist, please email me at my gmail account ( you can find it elsewhere on here, at the GS forums in many posts, or at

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Monday, April 22, 2013

SS-ND Scenario Pack Update!!!

 Well, we've reached perhaps the end of the beginning! With the final scenario roughed out and off to layout to create a pdf for the playtesters, #9 is in the bag.

 If someone had told me 3 years ago this was gonna take 3 years to get to this point, I'd said "No WAY!!!" . Wow. Its hard to believe it has been 3 years since I first started on this. The development team has grown from 1 friend helping and 1 more giving advice  to more than 20 ASL players from all over the world pitching in to assist, fill in , proof read, play test, review, comment, research, translate, and a whole host of other assistances given into this project so far.

 for each of these fine gentlemen I owe a huge debt of thanks. As Chris Olden told me recently :

" We all only have each a few hours of our weeks to devote to ASL. When one of these guys gives that time to try out or proofread an untested and likely unbalanced ( and unpublished)  scenario in the face of so many thousands of already published and arguably good scenarios they COULD be playing, it is a big thanks that is owed by us designers for that sacrifice."

I cannot express the continued gratitude now as we move forward. Playtesting and proofing efforts are undwerway as we speak, and #9 will be coming out with the regular emailed link updates to the development team.

I can always use more help, so if you are interested in joining the crowd; as always, my ASL - related email is witchbottles at gmail dot com. Email me and we can get you into the PT / proofing or assistance teams.

As I noted on the GS Forums and in the last Point Blank; these scenarios will ultimately end up with a TPP who has expressed interest in them. ( this being a unanimous decision of the development team members when polled about it.)

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Monday, April 15, 2013

The New issue is Here!!!!!!!

 the Point Blank! Double issue Has arrived!! here's the link!!

 Hoping everyone enjoys it, be forewarned when D/Ling, it s 3+ MB file :-)

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

SSND- Update!

 Well ,the Narva Scenario went in for a full layout ( its a DASL scen), and the Kuban Bridgehead scenario is layed out and ready for proofing and initial play thrus. Several PTs are underway both via FTf, VASL and PBEM, on all of the scenarios to date ready for PT ( 1,2,3 and 7).

I expect to be done tomorrow night with the initial proofing of the Kuban scenario (#4); and to have corrections submitted for incorporating.

We've got the Kurland ATG Turkey Shoot scenario coming up;  the Oder river Line scenario after that on an HASL map; and the gotterdamrung scenario in Berlin suburbs using some of those niver overlays from ITR by BFP as well as a BFP board again.

 All 3 will be ready for PT by tax Day 4-15, I promise!! :).

I must say the design process has been a real commitment, but I am justifiably happy with the products after everyone's generosity and assistance so far!

Keep Rollin' Low!

 jon H

Sunday, January 6, 2013

SS Nederlander Pack on Track!

Well, we've hit the halfway mark! At last!!!!! How we made it to this point, I will never comprehend :-)

SSND1  " Tooth and Nail" is done in all its glory.
SSND2: " Concerted Efforts" is into several playtests with the old and new VCs being tested.
SSND3 " Hitler's Violins" is into 3 different playtests at this time. If you are planning on starting a playtest of the current version, please contact me via email for the pending SSR change.
SSND7: " A Rude Surprise" is also into several playtests at this time.

SSND4: " The Lionhearted" is in layout into a scenario card for playtesters.

SSND5: - The Narva Breakout scenario is almost ready for layout to a scenario card at this time
SSND6 - The Kurland Defense =OoBs are complete, working on the maps for this one.
SSND8 - Oder River Line - Map is complete, OoBs are still being researched for historical authenticity.
SSND9- pretty much unchanged for now... Did get confimation that the 3 Panther Gs were all immobile at the time of the battle commencement.

Looking forward to 2013!!! 

As always, if you're interested in joining in to help, we can always use playtesters and proofreaders!

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