Friday, January 18, 2019

I've been quite busy for some time now with my Master's and now pursuing a Ph.D. degree, but almost done. Education has taken the front seat to any time for leisure, including ASL.

By popular request for access to back issues/ original issues and all issues and files for Point Blank! newsletter, the scenarios and the SASL Otto Carius CG file - Here is a new link that should work for everyone to view/download the files:

As always - these newsletters are provided free of charge to all - if you paid for a copy - get your money back!!

Also, please remember that all material published in these newsletters or scenario / CG files remains the exclusive intellectual property of the author, and is used with the specific written permission granted to Point Blank! and the Northern CA ASL Club and or the Silicon Valley ASL Club. Materials may not be reproduced, copied or sold to any person or entity without written permission from the contributing author(s), except for personal use.

You ever busy editor - Jon H

Keep Rollin' Low! (But not the enemy's SAN #).

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  1. Hello Jon,

    Just FYI I get the following message from Drop Box when I try to open the link: "The folder ‘/Public/Point Blank Newsletter’ doesn’t exist."