Tuesday, July 17, 2012

While considering new "homes" for the upload of the Club Newsletter 'Point Blank!'  and their various problems of either incorporating many extraneous advertising frames around the product, such as at the Scribd site, or the uploaded file limits of the GameSquad location servers,  or the requirements for 'joining' the Yahoo Groups to access their download files sections; I have decided that imbedded file within the blogspot should be the optimal method for distribution ( I hope). If not, then this endeavour may just reform itself into a blog forum in order to allow for better overall reader access.

The Point Blank! Is the newsletter for the SVASL and NorCal ASL Clubs. It is provided free of charge to anyone brave enough to read its contents, and represents my efforts of "giving back to ASL what ASL has given me".

With that said, consider this site under construction still as of the time of this posting.

Keep Rollin' Low!

Jon H

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