Sunday, January 6, 2013

SS Nederlander Pack on Track!

Well, we've hit the halfway mark! At last!!!!! How we made it to this point, I will never comprehend :-)

SSND1  " Tooth and Nail" is done in all its glory.
SSND2: " Concerted Efforts" is into several playtests with the old and new VCs being tested.
SSND3 " Hitler's Violins" is into 3 different playtests at this time. If you are planning on starting a playtest of the current version, please contact me via email for the pending SSR change.
SSND7: " A Rude Surprise" is also into several playtests at this time.

SSND4: " The Lionhearted" is in layout into a scenario card for playtesters.

SSND5: - The Narva Breakout scenario is almost ready for layout to a scenario card at this time
SSND6 - The Kurland Defense =OoBs are complete, working on the maps for this one.
SSND8 - Oder River Line - Map is complete, OoBs are still being researched for historical authenticity.
SSND9- pretty much unchanged for now... Did get confimation that the 3 Panther Gs were all immobile at the time of the battle commencement.

Looking forward to 2013!!! 

As always, if you're interested in joining in to help, we can always use playtesters and proofreaders!

Keep Rollin ' Low

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