Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Point Blank! is finally UP and running on the wEb in a true "free of charge" pdf downloadable file format for everyone to access without "subscribing" in any way :-)

I want to thank Zoltan Grose, our new arrival from Texas; and Steve Bowen for their efforts in assisting me with getting this up and online. Without further ado, lets drop in the link for the last issues Jul - Aug 2012:


The guys found Dropbox, and the cloud storage size is perfect for us, so I am in process of feeding the back issues into Dropbox, and will add the links as they get uploaded ( it takes some time from my ancient CPU) LOL!!!

The next issue in the works already, with a nice in person interview of our commanders at the recent Market  - Garden reenactment event my place of work hosted on the weekend of Sept 15-16th scheduled to be inside, along with more AARs, and our "Back to the Basics" will be running down the right ( and wrong) ways to plan glider and paratroop landings and defenses. September / October issue should be interesting indeed.

On the Nederlander scenario front; our effortrs continue, but the summer doldrums are working their way around and the upcoming returns to school; work; and ASL events of the Fall are eating into time, so the project is still ticking along. We've got 3 playtests underway so far still on the first scenarios, and a full  edit job pending for yours truly to the scens overall to incorporate all of the various items our proofreaders have found so far. :-) Thanks to eveyone who has been involved in this project! I cannot believe how far it has gotten this last summer with the additional efforts of the group assisting me with all manner of design items. We still have a long Way to go before its all ready, but its nice to see the "end of the beginning" at least!

Just chatted with Ian Willey this day, and he is working on a rather unique sniper reminder clix base we came up with. He thinks it will be arriving soon and he plans to have it ready as he manages to squeeze it into his miniature painting schedule, but it should hopefully be a grand exhibit for all! I must recommend visiting walladvantage.blogspot.com to anyone ASL related. Ian  runs a first rate ASL blog.

Jon H

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