Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome to the "official" Opening of the Point Blank! Blog

With the publishing of the July - August 2012 Newsletter for our ASL CLubs out here on the left coast, I am "open for business"!!!!

The Nederlanders Scenario pack begins its debut in this issue, with SSND-1 up and ready for play. there are 7 more to go, however, and I could frankly use any help anyone is partial to donate! email me at my gmail account if you are willing to assist in the SS-ND project.

Also could use a bit of technical know how, so if you can assist in helping me understand the nuances of the blogspot use in getting a file embedded in a posting or on the site, please email me at the gmail account.

Thanks to all who are and have pitched in so far! you have and continue to make this Newsletter a very fine project!

Keep Rollin' Low

Jon H

The latest issue link

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